Félicie Sanctuary - La Pondation de Félicie

Félicie Sanctuary


Pondation de Félicie hosts reformed laying hens, whom fate was to end in the slaughterhouse. They are only 18 months old when they become non profitable enough for the stockbreeder.

Yet, they can still live about 5 years after that, and keep laying eggs (enough for a family to be self-sufficient), eating vegetables wastes and producing quality fertilizer ; but they can enjoy a second life with a kind family, and be respected for what they are : sentient beings with a complexe inner existence.

We go in the farm and negociate with the breeder to pick up as much hens as we can properly host.

Then, we take care of them, heal the ones who need to be, and give them respect and emphasis, in order to resocialize them, with humans and other hens.

After a few weeks, they are ready to go in their last family, with promises of good care and well-being for the rest of their life.

We try to reduce the stress and disconfort during transports as much as possible; that is why we only pick and deliver hens about 100km around our headquarters.

We also keep no more than a hundred hens toghether at the same time, so that they are able to recognize all of their peers.

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Edito de Félicie : La Poule qui a du Pot

Edito de Félicie : La Poule qui a du Pot

Vous vous demandez sans doute qui est cette allègre gallinacée qui gambade librement dans son parcours et profite de la félicitée d’une retraite bien méritée !

Il s’agit de moi-même, Félicie première du nom !


Je suis issue d’un élevage de 3000 poules, dont les œufs ont servi à la fabrication de vaccins.

Mais mon parcours est le même que celui des poules de batterie dont les œufs sont destinés à la consommation. Vous savez, le code 2 au début du marquage des œufs.

J’ai d’ailleurs les pattes un peu tordues, d’avoir vécu sur des caillebotis…

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